Mongolia strives for strategic initial TVET teacher training

18.11.2019 -  


National and international debates on ensuring quality in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems are largely driven by the key role of competent TVET teaching personnel.

The development of a systematic pre- and in-service TVET teacher education and training system is also a priority for the Mongolian Government. With the availability of more competent and motivated TVET teachers the quality challenges in TVET provision shall be tackled. The “Cooperative TVET (cTVET)” project, implemented by GIZ and financed by German, Australian and Korean Government, is thus supporting and advising the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MoLSP) in developing an effective TVET teacher training system and providing Human Capacity Development for in-service TVET teachers. The AIZ department for Competency Development in TVET/ UNEVOC Centre Magdeburg is supporting this process.

In the frame of a study work tour, four different European models of initial TVET teacher training have been analyzed. The meetings with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research and relevant educational institutions of Austria, Denmark, Finland and Germany offered the Mongolian delegation comprehensive insights into TVET teacher training systems of these countries.
The delegates from government institutions in Mongolia (Ministries, TVET Colleges, Regional Methodology Center, TVET Assessment Center, Secretariats of the Government and Parliament) demonstrated a great interest in the detailed features and characteristics of each system.

Invited expert from the University of Magdeburg supported the Mongolian delegation’s reflection on relevant key factors for a sustainable and effective initial TVET teacher training approach. Based on the analysis of different systems, relevant components for a possible approach in Mongolia have been identified. Being back in Mongolia, the delegates will actively engage in the working group, steered by the MoLSP, to develop and implement a suitable TVET teacher training model for Mongolia. 

Qualifying motivated and competent TVET teachers is a critical factor for successful TVET systems - not only in Mongolia.



Beate Dippmar

Ulrike Schmidt


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