Minister of Education of the Republic of Moldova signs the Curriculum for examination of instructor qualification

27.08.2015 -  

The Moldavian Minister of Education Dr. Mihail Sleahtitchi and and the president of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Gheorghe Cucu signed the curriculum for the preparation for the examination of instructor qualification which was developed in the framework of the project by the German Foreign Ministry "Support of the competencies of instructors in the Republic of Moldova." Since 2009 the GIZ UNEVOC Centre Magdeburg implements this project by instruments of Human Capacity Development (HCD). Therefore an important fundament is set for the legislative procedure of a practical orientated Vocational Education in the Republic of Moldova. The successful implementation in this two year long process of the project and its successful results are achieved by the combination of political dialogue, tailor-made trainings, study-tours and secondments of experts with different stakeholders of the vocational system. The direct cooperation with the economy of the Republic of Moldova and German Chambers is especially focused in this project.

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